Looking For New Job

I am just put my resume to the www.chinahr.com and wish to look for a better job…

But I can not tell what i wish really. Am I just wish a job which will bring me more money, will let me less busy, will give me more happiness? I don’t know…  Maybe this action(looking for new job) just let me feel better ,and not just sit here and complain everything without doing anything.

If I get the job, will I feel sorry to YP/LM/Jennifer/Charlie? They teach me so much that I don’t think I can pay back. They are not just my colleague or boss, they are my friends.  YP say that I am his daughter, he teaches me the method to deal with mass things, teachs me to talk with AP. Most of my DBA knowledge comes from LM, we talk about our dreams, she tells me that she wants to travel abroad, I tell her I  wanted to return to collage before. Jennifer, a very pretty woman, looks much yonger at her age, she say if I went to taiwan she would invite me to go to her house and take me to some funny place. Charlie, a man I thought very serious and could not be close with him, actually he is very humour and you will feel very happy to learn from him.

Whatever, I will do my best to be a good man, to anybody who I am care.


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