Oracle Rename datafile

set linesize 200
col tablespace_name format a8
col file_name format a45
select tablespace_name, file_id, file_name, bytes/1024/1024 size_m, AUTOEXTENSIBLE, INCREMENT_BY*1024/8 incre_MB
from dba_data_files
where tablespace_name=‘TESTTBS’

alter database datafile ‘/chhs32/chpwtst4/oradata/EDIDATATS_26.dbf’ resize 100M ;
or alter database datafile 310 resize 100M ;

alter tablespace TESTTBS read only ;

alter database datafile 310 offline ;

host mv /chhs32/chpwtst4/oradata/EDIDATATS_26.dbf /chhs32/chpwtst4/oradata/DIAMOND_128.dbf

alter database rename file ‘/chhs32/chpwtst4/oradata/EDIDATATS_26.dbf’ to ‘/chhs32/chpwtst4/oradata/DIAMOND_128.dbf’;

alter database datafile 310 online ;

alter tablespace TESTTBS read write


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