MSSQL2K5 install WMI error2147746132(0x80040154)

I got follow error when installing MSSQL2K5 on windows2003 SP2,

the SQL server SYSTEM configuration checker cannot be executed due TO WMI configuration ON the machine DESHKSDOWA029 ERROR: 2147746132(0x80040154)

I troubleshoot this error for over 2 days, but no luck. and we consolut some Microsoft guy, this is a old issue with WMI, here is the root cause and solution,

C:\Windows\Systeem32\WBEM folder was missing permission for “SystemName\Users” account
Added “SystemName\Users” account under ‘C:\Windows\Systeem32\WBEM’ folder.
Provided  Provided “Read & Execute” permission on  it.
After this, we were able to complete the SQL Server installation.

and this is a very helpful solution, I tried a lot of ways to re-register the WMI classes or install WMI other conponent, but all were helpless. I’m happy I got this solution so I can’t wait to share this on my homepage. hope it can help you as well.


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