Our Implementation

We have a implementation all the day , and I really exhausted on this implementation. Unfortunetly I finally get paged for this implementation at home on 22:33….Once I see the calling in number 019685**** which has NA country code 01 as prefix I know someone from NA wants to have a talk with me.

During the implementation, I needed to restore 17 mssql databases from one server to another server, and I needed to reapply the security after the implementation since the new server is mssql2k5 and the old one is mssql2k. DBA really need to pay more attention to this kind of activities , you may miss some tiny thing in one second but you will need hours to find that out. I think focusing on this task makes me exhausted today !

Still working with Ally and Randy to find the root cause why only the SME(Randy) can logon the application, others couldn't ! Hope we can figure it out ASAP !


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